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The Class of 1978

Collegiate School, Celbridge ladies who were 1st Years in 1972.
Those who have KCK beside their name moved to Kilkenny College when the schools amalgamated in 1973, and were part of the Leaving Cert. Class of 1978

Name / Commentary

Braithwaite, Dawn  (KCK): Lives in Co. Carlow.

Carmody, Carol (KCK): Lives in Milan, Italy.

Copeland, Shirley (KCK): Lives in Co. Kerry.

Dempsey, Dorothy (KCK): Lives in Dublin.

Hastings, Shirley (KCK): Situation unknown.

Hendy, Avril (KCK): Lives in Co. Carlow.

Kelly, Kathleen (KCK): Lives in Co. Wexford.

Martin, Lesley: Left in 1973. Situation not known.

Naylor, Yvonne (KCK): Deceased.

Wallace, Jean (KCK): Situation not known.

Boys’ details are being assembled for inclusion


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