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The Class of 1975

Collegiate School, Celbridge ladies who were 1 st Years in 1969. Those who have [KCK] beside their name moved to Kilkenny College
when the schools amalgamated in 1973, and were part of the Leaving Cert. Class of 1975.

Name / Commentary

Auld, Shirley (KCK): Lives in Australia.

Barrett, Sandra: Deceased. Went to KH in 1973

Beattie, Gillian: Situation not known. Went to KH in 1973

Clements, Olive: Situation not known.

Copeland, Janet (KCK): Lives in Co Laois

Horan, Valerie (KCK): Lives in Dublin. Retired

Jacob, Lorna (KCK): Lives in Wexford

James, Valerie (KCK): Lives in Carlow

Jeffers, Susan: Situation not known. Went to KH in 1973

Kelly, Barbara (KCK): Lives in Wexford.

Masterson, Ann (KCK): Lives in Edinburgh, Scotland

Mather, Caroline (KCK): Lives in Northern Ireland

Morewood, Priscilla: Situation not known

Rickerby, Daphne (KCK): Lives in the UK

Stanley, Joyce: Lives in Co Laois

Sutton, Daphne (KCK): Lives in Co. Longford

Wellwood, Heather (KCK): Lives in New Zealand

Whitford, Joan (KCK): Situation not known.

Boys’ details are being assembled for inclusion

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